GeoThermal HVAC for Chicken Coop  (This Guy must be Nuts)

Last year started on digging the horizontal loop field (first picture).   160' linear loop line 1/2" PEX, plus another 40' for radiant floor lines.  Depth @ 7' where water table is constant and goes no lower.  This is called Advection where saturated water/soil prove to be the Best Heat Thermal Transfer available for Horizontal loops.    The evaporator core was out of my pickup truck.  Was able to patch it for this purpose to use.  Made a shroud and mounted a 6" induction fan on back to force air through the core.    Pump assembly is D/C power and runs off of a backup battery bank from the Solar setup.  FREE energy at work.  The 55 gallon drum is half full with Propylene Glycol, a safe alternative in case of leaks.  All the lines are insulated with bubble wrap and string tape.   Total output is around 500-1000 BTU's.   Line temp is around 55-60 degrees and the core sweats nicely.   Installed a light switch right next to core for manual on/off to pump when needed.  Spouse is VERY Happy now.   

All this was a TEST project to determine if the system would work on the Future Geothermal HVAC project in the house.   Research and development was done by yours truly.  


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Don't think of the Cash,

Think of the Cause.

Use Renewable Energy.

It's FREE, It's FUN.

It's the way Nature 

Intended it to Be !!

Solar Panel Plans for DIY

Solar Water Heating / Radiant Floor Heating

Wind Turbine Plans to DIY

Wood Stove Project

Just one of the Magic Scientist projects

in year  2013

Heats the basement and some water in buffer tanks for winter.  Operates via centrifugal pump, low volume.  Inlet at ambient temp (100 degrees), Outlet at around 115 and constantly increasing range as water heats.

Solar FREE Energy !   DIY Plans to build your very own.  Proven to work.

DIY Wind turbine plans.  Save Energy, make your own ! Money back guarantee if not satisfied within 3 business days.

Geothermal HVAC, The Endless Possibilities !

Just Remember that all this costs $$$$$.  Lots of $$$.  Start up is expensive.

However, there are 30% Fed tax credits available and in some cases State Rebate programs. 

Payback time takes years in most cases.   Expect to Invest in your own future.  This will Guarantee Return on Investment.  What market can claim that without doing work ??? 

For Example: GeoThermal Project costs an average household $50,000 to install.   30% tax credit leaves us at $35,000 and payback is based on usage of fossil fuels to heat/cool.   

​Based on average heating per winter of $4000 (LP gas) total and an electric bill of $200 ($50) per month savings,  and Eliminate the LP gas bill.   Estimated payback on investment : 7.6 years.    Who can claim to make all their money back in that little time and Never pay for LP gas again ?   With the upgrade, your electric bill will increase a bit too...FYI  Total Winters electric bill where $300 !!                                                                                 Over 500% more efficient.

If you feel, for any reason that the info on this site proves useful, please share your gratitude with a small donation....  All profits are re-invested into website.  

In it for the fun, not the profit.  Thanks 

Solar Water Heating is a quick and easy way to heat water provided the SUN is out !  Although the Sun is only 26% efficient in Winter, not much heat comes out of that 8 hour time window unless it's not cloudy, then it works.   

New for 2015:  Twin Geothermal units Heating/Cooling

One for Radiant Floor

Other is Supplemental heating and Cooling only.

Operated on a Pump and Dump Open loop system.


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